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If an unplanned or planned pregnancy is sought during the course of the study, this is a major disadvantage for many pregnant women. But even if the baby is already born and learning begins, the first moment can seem very baffled. There are many ways to complete a course with a toddler.

It is only important to note that a toddler needs a lot of care and support not only in the first months of life, but also in all development phases. The following guide provides a variety of advice and suggestions to help you learn with a toddler. What are the study costs for a study visit with children?

A course in particular is already expensive for the student

A course in particular is already expensive for the student

If a toddler comes along, the tight household budget can run out very quickly. You have to pay a lot before a child is born. The toddler can also be carried in a sling, but this is only recommended in the first months of life when the physical strain on the children becomes too great.

Note: The rental costs can also increase if you no longer live at home, because even a toddler needs space and it is very difficult to create enough space and conditions for a newborn in a simple student room. It is very cumbersome. Even if that looks like a lot of money at first, there should be no reason to decide against an infant.

The birth of a child is a very individual matter and should not be made solely on the basis of the economic situation. However, there are sufficient chances that pregnant women and legal guardians can also be supported with an infant during their studies. This results in a large pool of opportunities that small and medium-sized mothers and fathers can seize.

It is irrelevant whether the legal guardians raise their baby in pairs or are single parents. Every son living and born in Germany is entitled to family allowance. The child allowance is paid in advance from the first month of life and there is also an opportunity for children under 27 to get money as a student.

The child benefit can be claimed after the baby is born

The child benefit can be claimed after the baby is born

Note: The minor’s tax identification number is also required. This will be sent to the responsible local authority after the child has been born and registered. The child allowance per child amounts to 192 per year. This value is adjusted from the age of three. In Germany, all parents are entitled to parental allowance if they were employed before the birth or are in vocational training or are studying.

So it is possible to raise 300 per month for an application for the birth of the baby with delivery of the birth certificate. This can be applied for by all legal guardians whose parental leave expires. For the period up to the last month of the baby’s life, 150? get paid. So 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after taking it.

First for the period before childbirth, then for the period after childbirth. Single mothers can claim child support from the youth welfare office if the child’s father cannot or does not want to raise the money for the baby. If the study is interrupted for more than three months, the BAföG may no longer be granted.

Note: If the regular study time is extended by taking care of your own offspring, the building permit can also be extended on request. At some institutions, such as the Federal Foundation for Mothers and Children or the State Foundation “Family in Need”, it is possible that a scholarship is granted if a parent with children wants to study.

As a rule, she stands behind the desire for a child or pregnancy and so the care of the toddler during the study period can also be carried out easily at the beginning. They are not working at a university and can provide further useful information and assistance. They also provide support, but also financial support, for the initial equipment of the toddler when the approved funds of the office are insufficient or have not been approved.

What benefits can I have during my study stay with an infant?

What benefits can I have during my study stay with an infant?

In the case of children, the price for the day care center, but also for the means of transport, can be reduced by showing a student ID. If the students cannot eat enough food due to low earnings, there is the option of issuing meal vouchers for the canteen, which can also be issued for the toddler.

If the child’s place of residence needs to be relocated, it is advisable to check whether you can get a stay bonus to attract some major cities. He pays cash, issues vouchers or also pays the half-year ticket for public transport. The toddler can also be brought here.

Anyone who chooses a toddler during their study stay is initially subjected to a double burden and many administrative formalities. Important note: It is only necessary that all positions are visited early, that the application processing has enough time and that there is no shortage of money. So it is also possible to have enough time for your own baby.

Even if it is difficult in the exam times, the lecture break is after, which gives enough time that you can be there for your baby. It is not possible to have 2 months of vacation in late work. The need to have a baby later is no longer that high and, above all, sister siblings can come along.

Note: Many guardians fear that not only will they not be able to cope economically, they will not be able to do justice to their baby. There is an answer for everything, and especially if family support is guaranteed, then nothing stands in the way of a baby.

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