Is an instant loan really a quick loan?


An unscheduled repayment can ensure that the loan is repaid much faster. In the case of an immediate credit, the name is the program. The payment of an approved instant loan depends on various factors. Such situations represent a large part of loan applications, which is why instant loans can work quickly and easily. Is an instant loan really a quick loan?

Faster building finance 

Faster building finance 

The instant loan combines immediate financing with a long-term building society contract. In this way, it offers home buyers, homeowners and building owners the necessary loan amount and at the same time the advantageous interest rate level of home loan financing. The instant loan from Schwäbischer Hall is the optimal building financing if you want to be in a hurry: Even if you only saved a small part of the equity, an instant loan can be an option for you, as it is a clever combination of providing credit and building up equity.

You can get a home loan from your savings bank where the conditions fit and you pay a monthly installment that suits your circumstances. The instant loan combines a financing loan (instant loan) with a building society contract. This includes a finance loan. At the same time, you pay interest on the instant loan. Because the instant loan is an interest loan, you only pay the interest a month – the instant loan is repaid at the end of the period in one fell swoop out of the money that you top up at the same time via a building society loan contract.

You pay the savings rates at the same time

You pay the savings rates at the same time

The second phase follows after the savings phase: When the contract is ready to be awarded, the instant loan is replaced by your savings loan and the building loan to which you are now entitled. A home savings and loan agreement can be allocated if you have built up the agreed credit balance and a minimal waiting period has expired.

In the third step, you only pay off the building loan with your monthly installments. Repayment is even faster if you take advantage of the special payment option. The advantage of an instant loan: Above all, you are protected against a possible rise in interest rates and, depending on the duration of the instant loan, you do not need to make follow-up financing after a few years.

The instant loan is calculated so that the key figures for your family finances are constant in all stages of the construction cost financing. The instant loan is particularly suitable if the construction cost financing is to be set up quickly and only little own funds could be raised. Using a few examples, property buyers quickly sign an instant loan agreement to finance their construction projects directly: Tom and July will live with their two small rented children in the vicinity of Tom’s family members.

The two of them don’t want to miss this good chance, they both ask for an immediate loan. The scientist raises the question of whether the instant loan is also eligible for his modernization project and agrees to a meeting with the home experts from Schwäbisch Hall. Unfortunately, they have to line up relatively quickly. With a home expert from Schwbisch Hall, the various financing options for real estate are considered and the possible immediate borrowing is discussed.

The prospective buyer from the models wants to make a decision in a relatively shorter time. Even Uwe, who has planned a modernization measure, wants to act quickly, but does not have the necessary resources. With an instant loan, anyone can demand the required amount promptly and on reasonable terms. Provided that he can take the necessary safety precautions. In counseling, they learn which period makes sense for the repayment and at which monthly rate they repay their instant loan.

If he opts for an instant loan, he can sign the notarized real estate purchase contract with the financial commitment of the housing association or instruct the tradesman to renovate the property. Even if the instant loan is suitable for those interested in real estate with insufficient own funds, it is not advisable to forego own funds entirely. Most important reasons for equity: The loan amount is usually below the current purchase price and is determined in the course of determining the mortgage lending value.

The difference between the loan amount and the purchase price is covered by the own chapter. Home and apartment buyers should include at least 15 percent of the purchase price for the incidental acquisition costs, which are always to be paid from the company’s own funds. If an acquirer or building owner has little own funds, the financing imbalance for the lender increases.

With the Schwbisch Hall online calculator you can get an idea of ​​the conditions of the instant loan. Depending on the duration or interest, the interest and the monthly installment are then calculated. However, the information on the online calculator is not a binding range of services, and the conditions for immediate financing can therefore change if necessary – so benefit from the extensive expertise of your Swabian home expert.

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